Carmen D’Onofrio

Director, D’Onofrio Group

We are excited to launch an Alliance with Vinterra. Bringing on the extraordinary talents and experience of Vicky Ainley, will enable us to grow and expand our portfolio of exclusive brands, and more fully serve the needs of consumers and our industry partners.

Dorothy Budden

Owner, Vinterra

I’m delighted to see Vinterra expanding back into the market with a more diverse portfolio.  I look forward to partnering with Vicky Ainley and together we will be energized and inspired to bring our existing brands, as well as new partners, to the market.

Vicky Ainley

Sales Director, Vinterra

I am thrilled to be part of this venture with Vinterra. I am looking forward to working with an existing group of wonderful wineries, and to grow the Vinterra portfolio.  Teaming up with Dorothy Budden, with the support and infrastructure of the D’Onofrio Family Group, will allow us to build, nurture and grow our portfolio of unique, premium brands. 

Vinterra looks forward to servicing the provinces and territories of western Canada with a diversified, unique, and growing selection of premium wines, spirits, and ales.